Characters , Integers and arrays.

Consider the statement
char c=’5′
The result that will be printed is 53, which is the integer value of the character constant ‘5’ ,stored in the machine.
Now if we need to get 5 as the output,we need to use “%c” in ‘printf’.
Character constants are integers written as one character within single quotes.
Now consider :
int c=getchar();
The result would be the integer value representation of the entered character.
“%c” in ‘printf’ would print the character in the terminal.
Now consider the case of a character array
char array[]={5,6,7}.
If we print array[0],using “%d”, then ‘5’ would be printed. Nothing would be printed if “%c” is used in the printf statement.
Here 5 itself is a constant. Now if we need to enter alphabets into a character and print it we need to do the following:
char array[]={‘a’,’b’,’c’};
Now print it using “%c”.The alphabets would be printed.
If printed using “%d”, then the integer representations would be printed(97,98,99).The characters that entered into a character array are stored as integers inside the array.
If we do
char array[]={a,b,c}
The result would be an error as such:
‘a’ undeclared….’c’ undeclared…etc..


2 responses to this post.

  1. when i = 10
    %c prints a new line. Why?


    • yes…10 is the system integer value of the newline character \n..hence %c10 would produce the result….just like a value of 48 would print a 0…


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